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another frustrating consultation



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Jul 9, 2022
After years of different verdicts on whether my orthodontic problems, which are unnatural and were caused by orthodontics, are going to destroy my front teeth or not, concerns about how they will progress, and constant discomfort and irritation from the area, I decided to try one more consultation. I thought it might be better if I could try an orthodontist who might be from the same subculture as me, since all my consultations have been with orthodontists who were from a different subculture than I am from. This orthodontist told me something I had never heard before, that one of my front teeth could be broken by my orthodontic problems, though he thought that most of my front teeth weren't going to destroy each other enough to require veneers or crowns, which is something a few people have told me. I am really unhappy about the idea that one of my front teeth can be broken though he told me that it would be OK and would be fixed with bonding material if that happens. He also told me that I am basically not treatable by orthodontics, or it would be worse to treat me than for me to stay the way I am, which I have heard before. That sucks too, the teeth he thinks might break are uncomfortable because of the way they hit and I guess I am going to be like that the rest of my life, feeling that pressure. That is partly my fault for getting a dental implant while being super anxious and too anxious and upset to point out or talk about my orthodontic problems to my dentist, or to deal with them appropriately with an orthodontist. Dental implants can't move during orthodontics and that cuts off a lot of options for me. Even talking to this guy his assistant I felt like I was going through quicksand or cement and so flustered and confused, and I know I couldn't talk or act in a way that doesn't make me seem crazy, can't ask the right questions, and can't be clear. I just can't handle any type of consultation. I am so unhappy over the past, I wish I had never gotten involved in orthodontics in the first place, and I feel like my parents and I were deceived about it, and then getting the dental implant, I knew it would affect my options with my orthodontic problems, but I was led by anxiety, and an inability to talk to my dentist about some issues (I was unable to handle any discussion of my front teeth orthodontic problems at the time the treatment plan was made without panicking, getting loud, etc.), or to stomache the thought of adding more procedures when I needed 5 extractions and an implant. I am just so frustrated I am angry with myself that I can't handle myself enough to get the right treatment, and if I had been less anxious, I might have been about to treat this problem before getting the implant. I think I would have just needed to speak up to the dentist about it, and I knew it at the time, but I couldn't do it. I am also angry with the orthodontist from my childhood for leaving out basically all pertinent information about orthodontics to make it sound like a risk free mild beauty treatment, when it worked out horribly, and finally I am so tired of how none of this is an exact science, so nothing is ever clear and nobody ever says the same thing.
I understand. I thought all dentists regardless where right. But now I know better. It just makes me more scared. I had braces, i think they took away from my character and gave me a boring smile. Im not happy with mine either and i bite so hard on my bottom teeth that its left marks on the top teeth. Do you think the implant was necessary? Its hard because there are not many options. I will never look at the dental industry the same, it is stuck in the middle ages as some say. I do feel had and wish I hadnt looked up to these professionals. Its the first thing I think of when I wake up. I just wish I had done things differently :(
Sorry if I've misunderstood or anything but could inman aligners be possible? They only straighten the front 6 teeth i believe but they are possible with implants as far as i know
@toothfailure It is really scary. I do understand you about the industry being out of date. Sometimes I think that the whole subject of dentistry could do with more research and more regulation. I'm sorry you don't like the look of your teeth after braces, neither do I, either the fresh result, or now. In my case it just looks totally unnatural and artificial. These days I have a weird combination of teeth that have problems or have moved, mixed with teeth that look totally unnatural and an obvious result of orthodontics. I think it is weird how so many people think braces always make people look better, when beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think, after my experience, I just prefer a natural look now, and should have stuck with my natural look. I'm sorry your teeth are hitting hard too, both my bottom front teeth and top front teeth are chipped and having lots of problems from super tight fit and hitting hard, so I understand that one. I wish they didn't think it was OK to do that to people. You might find it interesting to read an article from the Atlantic Magazine called "The Questionable Science of Orthodontics" that I read, and another one they had called "Is Dentistry a Science", both real eye openers. I don't think the implant was strictly necessary, but basically it is never totally necessary to replace a missing tooth, you can do nothing, and there are bridges and partial dentures. I ended up thinking it was the best thing to do but I was under years of intense pressure from dentists to get the implant, and agonizing over what to do, so I never felt totally comfortable with the choice to get one, or like it was completely my choice. I am really sorry you are having that feeling now of wishing you would have done things differently, I am often feeling that way too, both about trusting dental professionals too much, and decisions I made due to my phobia. My plan for the future is to always be well educated and informed, and get multiple opinions, so that I can have the best chance possible of being able to make the right choices for myself. I know it is better to focus on the future than the past but it is hard to do
@Imapparentlyhere I wish it was. I have this complex situation with unusually large teeth on my lower arch combined with unusually small teeth on my upper arch, combined with previous orthodontics that, as far as I can tell, made my upper arch smaller and shorter, I think to close gaps that were between my upper teeth, and pulled my lower jaw forward, so basically my lower arch is too big to fit in my upper arch in front, and my lower front teeth are too far forward, because my whole jaw is forward. Somehow the orthodontist didn't realize this was happening until it was really bad, and he freaked out and wanted to fix it by extracting some of my teeth, which my parents refused, then he spent months trying to pull my lower teeth backwards again and making room to do that by filing between them, but it doesn't seem to have worked out that well. Shortly after the braces were removed one of my lower teeth rotated and went between two of my upper teeth. I have seen three orthodontists after having the implant, which is on my lower jaw, the first one told me there was no room to fix my problems and it was best to do nothing, the second one told me I would have to have upper arch expansion to make room which would make so much space between my upper teeth I would need crowns or veneers, and it would cause me to have gum recession on my upper teeth, and would also need filing between my lower teeth, and he couldn't say if it was better to have this treatment or be left as I am, and the third one that I saw said fixing any of my problems would require expanding out both my upper and lower arch and moving most or all of my teeth, and filing between my lower teeth, it would be a big deal, and he didn't recommend treatment. Because of the implant they can't squeeze in or pull back my lower teeth more, like the orthodontist who originally treated me did.
@NervousUSA I just read Is Dentistry A Science. Its so sad to be one of the ones who was tricked. I didnt even realize id be missing a part of my bone. Its sad and heartbreaking that the dentist touched my "virgin" teeth, as one lady called them in the article. Makes me so upset. I really got myself in a mess with these darn dentists. Its sad.
@toothfailure It really is, that regret is painful, I know. I am so sorry that happened to you and hope you can get some improvement in the situation with your fillings. Something that has helped me deal with dentistry and the phobia caused by bad/excessive treatment is this part of the website https://www.dentalfearcentral.org/fears/unnecessary-dental-work/
I also go over any treatment suggested and my x-rays with a second dentist via telehealth (Denteractive) which just costs $10 and of course in the ask a dentist section of this website, as well as doing lots of online research, especially on PubMed. I think these things help make it safer and help me be informed.
@toothfailure I haven't been able to find the article, "Is Dentistry A Science?" What did you mean by missing a part of your bone? With a procedure your dentist did?
@Anne2021 It may be worded differently but it is by the Atlantic. I had a big filling and now have a big deep hole in the tooth and he also took some of the side of the tooth off. I know its not a big procedure and some people may even laugh but it is traumatizing to me to loose some of my tooth :(