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Another newbie feeling terrified!



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May 19, 2008
After reading the other posts here I really feel that I'm not alone! That helps! Here's my story.....will keep it as short as possible!

I'm 26. I went to the dentist regularly until I was 15, and never had any negative experiences. Once I turned 16, I started dealing with debilitating anxiety issues, which are still very much with me today. Last year, after not seeing a dentist for 10 years, I finally made an appt. I was very proud of myself for going, and the cleaning went fine.....though it took a LONG time because I had so much buildup. After my posistive cleaning experience, I went in to simply see the dentist, and find out what else I needed. For some reason, I was SO anxious during this, that mid-way through I pretended that I was sick, and I left.

Fast forward to now....a little over a year later. I found another dentist (as I feel to stupid to go back to the other one.) I absolutely LOVE my dentist. I went in for a cleaning, and it went fast, simple, and I was extremely comfortable. I also met with the dentist to go over the treatment I need. I got through that fine as well! So....I thought I could just be a "normal" patient and go through the next steps.

Now we are up to a week ago. I went in to have a root canal....and was not very nervous about it because of how much I like and trust my dentist. I sat down in the chair....and he gave me the novacaine...or latacain...or whatever the numming stuf is...and I was fine with that. Then he put the whatever it is over my tooth that needs the root canal......the tooth is in the very back of my mouth..and I immediately flipped out! My heart started racing and I felt like I was going to die. I really, really, hate having anything in the back of my mouth.

My dentist then.....after talking to me and assuring me that I'm not crazy....and that it's fine that I'm anxious (again..I really like my dentist)...he brought out the laughing gas (nitrous)....which I was happy to have! I sucked it in as fast as I could...and waited for it to take effect (my dentist said it would feel like 3 martinnis!)............................it didn't.

We eventually gave up on the root canal...but he put a filling into a cavity.......which I was fine with.

I'm rambling......:)

So...tomorrow....I'm suppose to go in for two root canals....but he prescribed me Valiume..........I'm so freaking out over this! I've never taken it before.....so I don't know what to expect and it's killing me. I'm so afraid it will be working fine and then wear off in the middle of the procedure......and I'll "freak out" again...run out of the office, with metal stuff still stuck on.................Why is it that we all ways go to the worst case scenario with this stuff? :)

So yes, I'm afraid...and I'm seriously considering calling the office now, and leaving a message cancelling my appt.

And just to make things worse.......after these 2 root canals are completed (if they ever are).....I then have 3 more fillings to get (i'm not to scared about them).....but then I have to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed...and THEN, I'm getting braces.

Has anyone had sleep dentistry done? The more I think about it the more appealing it sounds.

I'm just freaking out now..................any personal experiences with Valium or sleep dentristy would be greatly appreciated.

I've had Valium... it's absolutely fantastic!!!!! ;D

How does it feel? For the first twenty minutes, nothing. Then you may start shaking. That's if your muscles have been tense for a long time (like I had). The eventual shaking stops in a few minutes and you start feeling relaxed. The butterflies fly away from your stomach, so to speak. Your heartbeat may also slow down, and other physical anxiety symptoms go away. You start feeling rather nonchalant about the procedure. You can't understand why you were so afraid. If you take Valium about an hour before your appointment, and you haven't eaten just before taking it, by the time of the appointment you will feel calm and relaxed. There may be a tiny bit of fear left, but not much.

Valium is a long time effect drug. There's absolutely no fear the effect would wear off in the middle of the procedure - it won't last eight hours, right? And the effect starts and stops gradually. You won't be completely ok at one minute and having a panic attack the next. Some things just are physically impossible.

You should have someone with you when you go to the dentist. At least for me, the stuff affects my balance and walking a bit. You shoud be driven home (if not a family member's car, then taxi), not walk, no public transport. Other side effects I had is being tired and saying silly things. But the dentist will understand. And because (s)he has put instruments in your mouth, you just think silly things... something to laugh to later.

So... I definitely recommend Valium! It's so, so great! I never drink alcohol, but I guess being under the influence of Valium might feel like being drunk (some say so). The good part is to remember the procedure (I do, some may forget) so you'll learn it wasn't that bad and maybe need no Valium next time. I took 10mg, that helped me a lot. But don't take more than your dentist told you.

I hope I didn't sound like an addict... and I hope you'll do really well! :hug2:
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Although I hate taking any type of medication, my terror was so great when I was due for extractions that I had to have valium just to calm me down a bit to get me through the door. It did relieve some of the anxiety though I was still shaking uncontrollably. But it got me through the door and calm enough to face the next fear of needles which is what I had next as I was having IV sedation - a nice deep sleep so I wouldn't hear, see or feel anything while they pulled the teeth. It was just a little scratch like effect after numbing gel on my arm, and in a few seconds the room started spinning and in next to no time I was awake, teeth out, no pain, still numb, and couldn't believe it was all over. Go for it, although we all react differently, I'm sure you will find it a great help.
Thank you all for your help and ideas. My appt was cancelled....but by my dentist. The office I go to has two dentists...and the one I was working with hasn't done a lot of sedation work, so my appt was rescheduled with the other dentist. My appt is this Friday...and I'm actually feeling quite calm about it. Why? Good question! My anxiety had been getting so bad in my daily life (not dental related) and I started getting agoraphobic and really started suffering greatly. A friend got me to a doctor and I was prescribed Clonopin...which like Valiume, is a benzo. I was taking a 4th of a .25 mg pill a day, and it completely changed my life! My agoraphobia is gone, and I'm now seeing a therapist again to work on my general anxiety. So, I now have FULL FAITH in the benzo family of pills. They truly shut off the part of your brain that is afraid.....feels like a vacation.

So, I'm for sure going to my appt on Friday...at noon.....and will take the valiume (or whatever is prescribed...find out when my dentist calls tomorrow)......and I'm counting on and hoping that it works wonders.....because then I will no longer fear the dentist....ok, that's a lie...but I'll feel like I have an option for the scarier procedures.

So, two root canals on Friday........then I'll have to go back in for the crowns...then I'll have my 4 wisdom teeth extraction scheduled...(that'll be a whole other can of anxiety......), and then i'm getting my teeth whitened....then having one extraction...and then braces. It's going to be a long road...........

I will update after my appt on Friday........wish me luck.

Donny :)
I just spoke with my dentist, and am going to be quite drugged up for my appt.

The night before I am taking 5mg of Valium (benzo).

1 hr before the appt I am taking 50mg of Vistaril (anti-histamine).

And when I get to the dentist, I'm taking .5 mg of Halcion (another benzo.)

Wow. I don't think I'll feel or remember a thing........:whistle:

I hope therefore as you will be taking so much that you will have someone with you to as it wouldn't be appropriate for you to travel there or back by yourself.
Have to agree there SS...

On 10mg of valium I was in a "Are you sure thats it" mood. While I made it to the car okay, I fell asleep when my bottom hit the seat (which is why it cannot be proven I either did or did not do this in the dental chair).

I was zonked and the drive home is only 15 min (at most).

I ended up sleeping for 4 hours. Woke up and my nose was still numb from the local.

Happy dentist appt.... :sleepyjuice:
I'm of course getting driven to and from the appt........I'm sure I'll be quite loopy for awhile.

I still have a level of fear coursing through me...but I'm just trying to focus on the fact that I'll be drugged up and it will feel like nothing........be over in a blink...then I'll be home sleeping....with both root canals done! And, as my dentist reminded me......after looking at my x-rays more, he thinks he "might" be able to just clean out one of the teeth, and it may not need a root canal at all...the other one for sure does.......

ahh...I just need to stop thinking about this...

thanks for all the advice........


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