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another post-extraction question...



Well-known member
Jan 24, 2007
Arizona, USA
ok.. the dentist took out the pre-molar, bottom right on Tues eve.. I go back this Tues eve (and will ask him about this then as well..) but the incisor (it's next neighbor) feels loose and wobbly..

It also feels... for lack of a better word, just sensitive.. No work needs to be done on it, and as far as I remember, it's never felt this way before.. Is this normal?? just my mouth readjusting to having a missing tooth?? there never was much, if any crowding between the two before - I don't even think they ever touched..

I think maybe I"m just being paranoid...
It probably got "leaned" on a wee bit while the dentist was extracting its neighbour, happens all the time and will be gone in a day or 2.
ok.. got the stitches out a couple hours ago :jump: now.. can I actually *eat* on where they took the tooth out??? it feels funny.. doesn't hurt, just.. tender... I'm kinda :scared: that I will re=open the site...
Yes, but just be a bit careful of it for another couple of days.
Oh joy of joys = FOOOOOOD.. I can eat (soft stuff, like before the extraction = oatmeal, mac & cheese.. ) without pain.

Tried a cookie. Bad BAD idea :p hurt a little, but not too bad = I've been used to NOT eating even on the tooth that was pulled, all that happened was the incision site got a little scratched, but is ok..

BEST = penicillin is done with, painkillers are done with.

I'm havin a BEER tonight :cheers: :jump: