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another question about smoking after wisdom tooth extraction



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Sep 18, 2008
i realize that i should not smoke after my wisdom tooth extraction because the suction could cause problem with the blood clot

my question is could i smoke from a very loosly packed pipe if i have the cotton swabs in place?

with the cotton swabs in place i cant really notice any suction on the sockets (especially through a pipe)

i have also read that i could smoke through my nostrils, but i dont think that would feel very good
Ooh smoking with a wound in your mouth sounds like a very unpleasant combination. As does smoking through your nose!

Can you not try nicotine patches for a week?
i have previously tried the patches, when i was trying to quit, but they dont work for me

i mean i get the nicotine, but that doesn't satisfy my urge to smoke something
Well what helped me give up was visualising that each time I took a puff, I was in fact taking a puff of a car exhaust. If you're not even getting a kick from the nicotine then you might as well be breathing in car fumes. Sounds like a psychological attachment. Perhaps you should change your routine for the next couple of weeks. Change whatever you do that normally leads to smoking. E.g. make sure you are with people who cannot stand you smoking, give your pipes to someone for safe keeping. That sort of thing. It's important you heal.
By the way I'm for some reason imagining you as a man in his fifties or sixties who smokes a pipe while reading the papers in his conservatory. But that doesn't tally up with having a wisdom tooth out. Are you quite young and is smoking a big part of your social life?
yes i am only 23

and almost everyone that i am around every single day smokes

By the way I'm for some reason imagining you as a man in his fifties or sixties who smokes a pipe while reading the papers in his conservatory.

haha, not quite

i only brought up the pipe because i can pack it very loosely and there would be far less suction required to smoke it then with a cigarette

(i have heard that suction is what loosens the blood clot, causing a dry socket)
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It's not the suction, it's the tobacco. Realistically, if you can leave off the cancer sticks for a couple of hours, then the worst of the clotting problems will be over with. By the time your mouth has defrosted enough from the local to let you feel the ciggy in your mouth, it should be safe enough to smoke it :)
When my dad tried to give up he used one of those nicotene pens that you smoke. If its not the suction thats the problem would this help?
I don't think so, the nicotine is part of the problem.
It's like any addiction, the only way to stop is cold turkey.

Good luck, I hope you do choose to give it up.
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