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another successful visit



Well-known member
Aug 14, 2007
Well here I am back from another visit.I was supposed to actually have 2 visits but as usual Dr.Dan surprised me by saying it was all done in 1.Now all I have left is a cleaning.I was going to try to do that with out gas but as soon as he started making arrangements for me to have it I just didn't have in it my heart to stop him!Haven't had a professional cleaning in I don't know how long.Oh get this....As they were woking on me they were talking about some things they saw in an antique shop.Included were dental items,porcelan spit bowl,belt drined drill etc.That's what I grew up with!!In an antique shop????Times they are a changin.
Talk to you after my cleaning.I'll probably be in touch before that to help support others...Love you guys
I remember the miniature toilet bowls from my childhood too.... but I so like to like of myself as fresh and young lolol! It's as bad as finding your favorite band's tape in the 99 cent bin!:scared:
Congratulations - glad it went well again. My first dental surgery (1960s) strongly resembled one which is currently on display in the Science Museum in London although to be fair, the dentist himself wasn't :devilish: at all.
jessica gail you'll do just fine....Thanks to you and others for your kind comments