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Another wisdom teeth success



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May 13, 2008
I had my right side wizzies removed today in the morning. One half erupted and one normal tooth, the procedure was made by an oral surgeon. I only took 5mg Valium this time as I wasn't as scared as last time. I was just a tiny bit nervous with that. The operation went pretty well. The LA in, slowly and relatively painlessly, then a bit of pulling and - the tooth is out. I wasn't quite as numb this time as the last time but enough to call this a good experience. I haven't had much post-op pain either, ibuprofein is enough to make me feel OK. In the beginning there was a bit of bleeding, more than last time but it stopped and now everything is ok. I'm happy it's over now and I'll never have to worry about wisdom teeth again! And getting rid of most of my dental fear has been fantastic.

I've described the procedure more in my previous success story, which I wrote in May. If you want to know more about wisdom teeth extractions, please read that as I don't want to write it all again, I just told about the differences here.