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Antibiotics before or after wisdom teeth extraction?



Well-known member
Aug 13, 2014
Are antibiotics normally given before or after wisdom teeth extraction? I know they're sometimes given before/after dental work for people with special health concerns, but in general are they prescribed when wisdom teeth are removed? If not, why not? Is infection not that likely after wisdom teeth extraction or are most people's immune systems able to keep infection at bay afterward?
Not a dentist, but here in the U.K. doctors really try to limit antibiotic use, so they are generally prescribed to treat an active infection, whether that’s in your mouth, foot, or throat, not just in case one comes. Maybe it is different if a person has a compromised immune system, but I wouldn’t expect to get prescribed antibiotics if I was having a tooth extracted.
I got antibiotics for my wisdom teeth which was probably the right thing. However it would not be a hill I’d die on: talk with your doctor and use your best judgment.
Neither. There is no reason to give antibiotics to most people for most routine extractions. Infection is very rare due to oral bacteria being generally fairly delicate beasties and the immune system can usually deal with them very easily.