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Antibiotics - make things worse before they get better?



Junior member
Apr 21, 2011
OK so I had a molar extracted on the evening of the 18th. I'm still in some pain though it has very obviously lessened, it is more like a toothache around the extraction site and the teeth above it also. Hurts when liquid enters the site too. Anyway, i was prescribed antibiotics as an 'in case' as my dentist is now away on holiday and the practice is shut. i didn't want to take them without good reason but at the weekend realised I probably should get them, and the site was definitely infected. Couldn't get them till yesterday due to Easter opening hours and have now had a full day's worth. The thing is, the pain seems to have changed to a bit of a deeper pain and instead of being intermittent is seems to be there most of the time. It isn't awful, just like a nasty toothache. Ibuprofen take the edge of it and I am only taking 1 tablet at a time, not the 2 I was taking this time last week for the pain! What I want to know is, is this due to the antibiotics getting to work? I have to say my mouth seems to have improved overnight, there is hardly any bad taste left and there is lest gunge in the socket for me to try to rinse with mouthwash, so it is looking good?
Haha shows how much I know! I called the dental practice on a hunch and the dental nurse was there for emergencies and prescriptions. I went to see her and she said it is really infected, she has put some horrible brown gungey stuff into the hole and it tastes AWFUL! I can't stop spitting! She says this will help speed things up :)
OK, so here we are on day 10..... the infection seems to have cleared up, there was a little bit of nastiness in there last night but mouthwash rinsed it out. Nothing there this morning, and it even looks like the hole is a little bit smaller! THing is, I still have pain :( When a drink gets into the socket, it is a quite sharp pain that last for about 5 mins, then slowly subsides. The rest of the time, I just feel like I have toothache on both my top and bottom jaw. Today i have had no painkillers yet as it is not too bad. Should it really still be hurting now? When is it likely to stop? Granted, I started the antibiotics late, and so that will have inevitably slowed things, but can any dentist give me an estimate of when things should be looking up?