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Antibiotics, NHS/private?...


Menopausal Magpie

Dec 10, 2009
So. For anyone who didn't see it: I shared here last week about the abscess my NHS dentist gave me antibiotics for. In the meantime, I thought about things and have booked for an introductory exam with a private dentist a friend recommended. I'l be seeing her on Saturday.

The abscess stopped draining, and the gum there has gone back to a very much more normal pink colour than it was (per my husband AND per one of the doctors I work with). There wasn't any pain anyway. And I finished the antibiotics this morning.

However...I am now super paranoid about the infection coming back before the weekend. IF it did (fingers and everything else very firmly crossed)...what should I do? Go back to the NHS dentist (and postpone my appointment with the private one), or wait and see the private one as planned? What sort of charge do private dentists make for antibiotics in the UK? (I didn't see that on their price list.)

....I probably AM just being paranoid, right?


Well-known member
Mar 7, 2018
Wouldn’t they just give you a prescription which you would take to the pharmacy and get filled? (That would be free here in Scotland.) Or can only an NHS person do that?

FWIW, in desperation with tonsillitis and never able to get an appointment at my GP, I did an online consultation with a private doctor via an app, and got a prescription for amoxicillin. It cost £39.


Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
I think a private dentist in England can only write private prescriptions, but you can always go to an NHS emergency dentist or A&E (if in severe pain) to get the prescription on the NHS :) . Or, of course, the NHS dentist you’re still registered with.