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Antibiotics not curing tooth infection

Antibiotics do not "cure" a tooth infection. It mearly calms the problem down during treatment and holds further infection at bay. In my personal experience, the tooth either needs a root canal or extraction.

ok thanks. I do not want the tooth out. I think tooth is settling down now. I was told it would hurt after the root canal cleaning and then would settle down. I have had two root canal cleanings so far and when I had the first RCT cleaning, the same thing happened.. hurt like blazes and then settled down and now I think the same happened again with the second RCT clean. I have another appointment in two weeks time when the tooth will be examined again and dentist hopes the infection would have gone and he can finish the root canal and that will be an end to the matter.
Update...... no pain at all for three days so I think infection is gone.

I have no dental phobia but I do have a fear of trust. I need to trust my dentist more because he is good and knows what he is doing. Just because this infection took two weeks to recover against one I had before which took one week, doesn't mean to say my dentist is not doing his job properly. It simply means that this was a different kind of infection which just took longer.