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Anxiety about bone grafts



Junior member
Sep 11, 2023
I need some serious bone graft for my top jaw front teeth. Having pushed the problem aside for many years due to several bad experiences related to implant failures, resulting in a total lack of trust in dentists, I now need not one but two implants acting as a bridge for my front teeth. Due to past implant failures I have very little bone left and have been advised by a French Professor that cranial bone was the best solution which implies general anesthetics, a night in hospital and 4 weeks of antibiotics. However on seeking a second opinion I have been told that this kind of procedure is no longer in use as potentially very dangerous and one should be given bovine bone option. How to know what is best when every one seems to have different views!
Hi @ginette, maybe @drhirst might know more if he sees this? He's very knowledgeable on implants...