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anxiety about loose canine bottom tooth?



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Jan 9, 2015
So i just had my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday. Its painful but its getting better. Randomly my lower left canine started to feel loose. I would put my tongue behind it and lightly press and it felt kinda loose but when i try very lightly with the tips of my fingers it doesn't seem to move. This has happened before but very randomly and mostly at night. Am i making this up in my head? I have very bad anxiety so it has been on my mind all day. Growing up i didnt really take care of my teeth that well. I would barley floss and brush once a day. About two months ago i realize how stupid i was. I brush twice sometimes 3 times and floss twice a day. My gums look a lot pinker and kinda white in some areas but my mom says they look a lot better. Another thing is i used to brush hard so i think i may have damaged my tooth that way? I brush a lot softer now and us mouth wash everyday. I mean when i look at the gumline i think its lower on that one tooth but my mom told me she could barley tell so i think i might be over thinking it. I had my wisdom teeth out a couple days ago so if i had some kind of tooth/ gum disease they would of told me from my x-rays right? I mean at my first pre op appointment he told me had a little bit of gingivitis and he couldn't do my surgery if it was still there. A month later i went back and got the wisdom teeth out so i cleared it up right? He would have told me if i still had gingivitis? My biggest fear is me just loosing the tooth from like gum disease. I had my last checkup last October and they said i need to focus on brushing and flossing but no cavities. So I've done that but im worried im too late. Can someone help me calm my nerves? My next cleaning isnt until april. Am i over thinking it or is my tooth going to fall out? I really dont want it too. Please help


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Hi :welcome: to the forum.

Your gums look fine to me but I am not a dentist. I don't think you have anything to worry about and as long as you continue to have your check ups regular with the dentist and keep up the cleaning you will be fine.

As for the tooth feeling loose our teeth are all slightly mobile that is how it should be, I have done exactly what you are doing with my tongue. But my teeth are not loose. I used to over think and stress about my teeth all the time, it is hard but if you can do something to distract your mind you can train yourself to not concentrate so much on them, finding problems that don't exist. If you do find that something is wrong then see your dentist and let them have a look.

A lot of people on here, myself included at times are convinced that something dreadful is going to happen to our teeth but often they are okay. Try to relax and enjoy the time you have before you go back to see them.

Happy healing with the wisdom extraction site's :butterfly: