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Anxiety about tooth ache



Junior member
Nov 8, 2023
Hi Everyone
Over a year ago some of my molar started to hurt. Just thinking it was a cavity i went to my dentist (it had been a while cause of covid) and he said my tooth was dead and it needed a root canal! I freaked out but calmed myself down. When i went to get the procedure after i was numbed up and he was about to start i had a full blown panic attack in the chair. We didnt end up doing it. I was so scared i avoided it for a year. When i finally went to a specialist he said my tooth was fine it was because i grind and clench my mouth so much it can cause root canal like symptoms.

So now here lies the problem. I found a better dentist that specializes in people with anxiety and will put them under for anything from a tooth cleaning to an xray. My front tooth which i know has a little cavity on it cause i can see it has started to hurt. I also accidentily knocked this tooth over a month ago with some metal headphones. It was sore at first but than it full healed. Sometimes it only hurts when i run my tongue on it sometimes it doesnt hurt at all. But my gums and some of my other teeth have started to hurt and i can tell its from my clenching and grinding (my night guard also broke so ive been a month without it. It has really helped with my tooth pain) but im so worried ill actually need a root canal this time. Its a front tooth and if i have to get a crown on it i know it wont look like my other teeth. I have my appointment in a week and im so fixated on it.

Sorry this is so long but i cant stop googing everything every symptom and sensation its ruining my life.
@Canadagirl123 I know what you mean about that anxiety taking over your whole life, I have been through that one before. When it comes to the broken night guard, can you get a nightguard from Amazon? I got an Oral B nightguard from amazon, it is one that you can mold for a custom fit and then it hardens. It is very good, my dentist is OK with me using it. I think you have a very good chance that you won't need a root canal of your front tooth because the specialist you went to said it was fine. It sounds like the dentist who previously told you that you needed a root canal was wrong? I sometimes have a problem called "catastrophizing" which basically means I start spinning and thinking that I am going to have the worst possible outcome in a situation, and getting ahead of myself, like it is a done deal the worst will happen. It helps me to be aware that I do that, and just be aware that I often think the worst will happen and try to cross bridges before i come to them, rather than waiting to find out what is really going on, so think things are worse than they are.
Hey thanks for the reply! I catastrophize allll the time and its a big convo with my therapist every time. I got my new night guard but when theyre new theyre tight so its just been uncomfy with my sore teeth. Today is feeling a bit better which actually scares me more cause everywhere online says that if its feeling better ur tooth can be dead. Its like i know part of the problem is stress and it makes the pain worse but its hard. I defiantly do have a cavity cause i can see it i just dont know how bad it is. Im hoping my appointment on tuesday helps me.
It's good you were able to get a new night guard, though it sounds uncomfortable you have to break the type you get in. There is so much stuff to read about dental stuff online, too, it is really a double edged sword whether it is informative or just makes it even more stressful. Do you find distraction works for you, maybe with something like watching some movies, socializing, doing some chores, anything like that? That can sometimes make me feel better in the run up to an appointment, just so I can't think about it so much. I hope the appointment on tuesday helps you also, for me getting the appointment done, and getting some information about what is going on and often being able to make a plan, always comes as a relief. Maybe it will give you some relief too, to get your appointment done and find out what is happening. Good luck with that appointment, I hope it works out as best as possible.