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Anxiety after extraction


I too am so sorry you are experiencing all this pain and troubles.. I truly hope it calms down for you quickly!! :grouphug:
Thank you guys for the support.
Just an update for anyone following the saga. I'm still in considerable intermittent pain almost 4 weeks after extraction but yesterday I went 12-14 hours without pain at all. Tonight the pain woke me up an hour after I went to sleep and I've been awake since. I have 4 days left of 500mg amoxicillin and the site looks much less inflamed but there's still a bit of bone sticking through. I sent photos to 2 oral surgeons for second and third opinions and they both said to leave it to reform and heal. A little worse than the pain is my anxiety so I reached out to a doctor today who will help me with that, and with sleep, for the next 7 days. If you're into positive vibes could definitely use some this way. Thanks.
Wonder if any of the dentist can tell me their thoughts on this? It's still very painful. I'm on antibiotics. Still safe and advisable to leave it be? How long might it take to cover over or break off?


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So sorry this is still painful!! :grouphug: I do send positive vibes and prayers for this to come to end of pain for you!!
Honestly I'd want to remove that for you, it'll take ages to clear up on its own.
Thanks Gordon. I have an oral surgeon willing to do it. I can go today or Weds. Leaning to Weds to give it a chance as even since yesterday, about 50% of it covered over since I got a good sleep. Once it's covered over it should hurt less, yes?
BTW Gordon, fellow Scot here. :) Living in USA and feeling homesick after this saga!
Also, is it a simple fix? My other dentist tried to fix it twice and made it worse, but she is not an oral surgeon. Thanks.
Once it's covered and smoothed down a little it should heal up fine.

Slainthe beatha from the Highlands, where are you from originally?

Yes, I think it's a simple fix, especially for an OS.
South West, nr the border. Small miracle, may have healed over the itself in the last 48 hours?


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Is the redness on the tooth infront just part of the healing? The redness in general?

I had a bone shard,well a few of them a few years ago after an extraction. my dentist did a alveoplsty, smoothed it down and reshaped it . it was a very quick painless procedure , a little sensitive after for maybe 5ish days on the gums but it was well worth it.
I was able to send the OS my post extraction x-ray and the most recent photo from yesterday where that piece of bone has covered over. He said he thought it was on the right track and doesn't need to see me. The intense pain has gone (I hope). I just have a nagging weird sensation/pressure near the TMJ and in my ear. I don't think it's TMJ related as it doesn't hurt to open my mouth, I assume it's part of the healing process?

Thanks again everyone for the support. Been an awful time. You all have helped with your kindness.
Glad to hear you're on the mend. I lived in Troon for nearly 30 years, so not far from you then.
The redness is part of the healing process. Going by the difference in the photos, I think maybe a bit of the bone has detached itself, hence the rapid improvement. It's academic really, main thing is you're getting better.