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Anxiety after requesting xrays, please help


G Aarg Aarg Martin

Junior member
Mar 21, 2022
Last July I had 4 fillings done, spaced out as can only do so many at once due to anxiety. After I had them done I requested xrays because of a recommendation re a wisdom tooth.

After the fillings in the lower left molars I've continued to have issues. The first molar still gives me discomfort (not outright pain) when biting into something hard (e.g. chewable vitamin c) but no consistent chewing pain or cold/hot sensitivity. I've had intermittent pain from one of the other two but I'm not sure which. This pain typically lasts a few days, does not get worse with chewing/pressure and then goes away for a number of weeks before returning again.

So I contacted my dentist in January this year and they said given the time frame and that the fillings were quite deep, I might need a root canal/crown. I then stupidly started googling these concepts which led to me looking at online examples of cavities requiring deep fillings, and when I looked at my xrays I didn't see that large dark area close to the nerve that all of the google image examples had. Because of my anxiety being rooted in a bad experience/distrust this set me off and I haven't been able to bring myself to do something about the problems I'm experiencing.

Now this has developed into this very dull ache which feels like it is in my jaw alongside slight numbness around the left jaw and it is freaking me out. I would really appreciate if someone could give the xray(s) a quick look and tell me if they see deep cavities in the two lower left molars so I can push past this anxiety and do something about it.

Thanks in advance.


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No cavities in the lower molars. One cavity in the upper premolar but it's near where the film has been damaged so I'd want another x-ray to be sure.
Thanks for the response Gordon, really appreciate it :). Time to face the fear I guess.