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Anxiety and stress because of loose front tooth



Feb 14, 2018
Hi everyone, I have a crown on a post (bottom front) and a bridge the other side of that tooth.Over the years and an operation for failed root canal (left too long before treatment) my gum has receded so much around the post crown that it is very loose and wobbly..I have always reluctantly gone for dental treatment due to anxiety, but this is affecting me so much because if it falls out completely, I will not be able to get any treatment because of covid. The thoughts of having to walk around with a gap in my front teeth is horrifying and making me very stressed. Sorry for the rant, just needed to talk.
Hi Della,

sorry to read about your difficult situation. It sounds to me like an emergency. Even though it is not painful, it is difficult to function without a front tooth, also the lower front teeth.
I don’t know what is the situation and treatment options and it sounds like you don’t want to walk without front teeth not even for a few days.
I would first contact dental labs that does removable prosthetic and ask which dental clinic they recommend to go to to have a temporary removable solution.
Hi Della
Where in the world are you? In UK dental treatment is available again now, private and NHS although they're strict on what they can do and when. Have you a dentist you're registered with who you can call for some advice? As Dr Daniel says, it does sound like an emergency situation so I am sure someone will see you.