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anxiety on high today

mikey boy

mikey boy

Well-known member
Dec 4, 2009
today for some reason i am just havin alot of stress and anxiety today but i know im not alone :grouphug:
yes, you're surely aren't alone!

take care
I hope it makes you feel better to know we are thinking of you...ya, I really know the waiting sucks big time!!! Wish I could take your anxiety away and
make it all better....
No, you are not alone!:XXLhug:
Im here with ya...
thank yu all for bein soo supportive today i feel much better and thank yu k-bird yu are like my best friend on here :grouphug:
I'm quite late to this, but no, you are definitely not alone. Not yesterday, and not today.
thank yu i apperciate it
Me Too.