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Anxiety overload



Junior member
Jul 30, 2020
Have always been anxious/phobic seeing dentist and last couple of times had IV sedation which I would have every time if it was an option but now living on my own amid Covid so it’s not offered. I cracked a tooth a couple of weeks ago and just plucked up courage and made appointment for Saturday morning. Beside myself with fears. In tears often and not sleeping with panic rushes. My main anxiety during procedures is one I haven’t found anyone else panics over but it is the whole drilling/sucker thingy. I get such a feer of drowning/suffocating it overwhelms me and crowds out all logical thinking and I panic. Anyone else have this and any advice to help? Thanks


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
Hi Sunflower148 :welcome:,

I see how having to go without iv makes you more scared and sadly that's one of the negatives of sedation - it is good when it's possible but it doesn't really help with the fear as such. Give yourself a pat on the back for scheduling anyway. Is this your first appointment to have the tooth checked after it got cracked?

You are not alone with your specific fear, we even have an article about it here: