Anxiety pales compared to disparate information and costs. A small rant.



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Sep 17, 2012
I'm hoping for a tooth-repair miracle. I have a molar that should be removed, although one dentist mentioned the possible of root canal. The tooth doesn't seem particularly infected at the moment, but it needs to go.

I've had severely abcessed molars in the past. Somehow, it was always straightforward. I lived in places that were rural and the dentist did the job. Told me the price, and pulled it. Straightforward. Great attitude on the part of the dentist. No recriminations about the other teeth. No drama. He also had one receptionist who didn't act as his "manager."

Now, faced with unlimited office staff, in one instance, I am offered, for example, that the cost will be $80 for the consultation, and $380 for consultation and extraction, if the dentist "has the time to do it then,", or, I pay $80, and then $300 dollars. That was the one that stopped me cold. Either they plan for it, or they don't have the time. One dentist/oral surgeon's office asked me how many teeth I would be having pulled. Is there a group rate? A unit price? I swear, I came away with the certainty that the cost of having one tooth pulled - with the idea that they'd never see me again - was increased. They're right. They'd never see me even once.

The dentists claim they want us to have healthy teeth and come for regular visits, but even without anxiety, $380 for one extraction that is somewhere from single to moderate in difficulty -- and no television, or mood lights, or aromatherapy - just how are we supposed to manage regular visits. It's bad to wait...but pretty darn hard not to.

And, there is discrepancy about whether I need an oral surgeon or not. I'm telling you, the anxiety pales.


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Jan 5, 2012
Re: Anxiety pales compared to disparate information and costs. A small rant.

I don't know where you are but if there is a dental school near to you could you contact them. Also there is a dentist recommendations bit on here, if you click on the Links tab at the top of this page there may be a dentist on there that may be of more help to you.

Good luck :clover::clover::clover: