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ANXIETY!!! RECENT Extraction #2 and developed severe mouth ulcer.



Junior member
Jan 15, 2017
Had #2 extracted 4 days ago. simple extraction was what I was told. developed a awful mouth ulcer (going on 5 days)
near the extraction on roof of mouth, cannot eat or drink at all. almost more pain than extraction :o.
I am using orajel 24/7 and just hoping it will heal. So, the tooth pain decreased yesterday but today, my inner cheek near the extraction is hurting a lot throbbing, and I cannot tell if my tooth is hurting or not bc the mouth sore is so painful!!!! Im worried I have a dry socket?? How can I tell?? I cannot seem to see up there into the socket...
I read that a canker ulcer can develop due to novacaine injection and trauma form the dental work can precipitate this....

Thank you for any input!!!o_O
I get those ulcers every time I get any numbing shots for mouth work.

I had a tooth pulled about a month ago and the pain from the ulcer hurt for days. It will go away. Rinse with warm salt water. When you least expect it, it will be gone.

If it were a dry socket, you would know 100%. The pain would be intolerable. Believe me, you would know. I know the ulcer pain is painful but it doesn't compare to the pain of a dry socket.