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Anxious About A Wisdom Tooth Infection



Junior member
Sep 23, 2018
I am worried about my wisdom teeth and whether or not I am having a serious infection, and if I must get them removed.

I have healthy teeth apart from my lower wisdom teeth. The upper two are ok according to an X Ray. About the lower ones which I will talk about, I have one that has came through but its at a angle which is causing me the most recent trouble and I have a partly impacted one. I say partly as it has only tried to come through the gum until recently, it is unclear if the tooth will erupt fully. I appreciate any advice from dental practitioners or anyone with similar wisdom teeth issues.

My symptoms are:

Around both teeth are big, swollen lymph glands which are in the neck especially my wisdom at an angle. I read on Colgate website it means there's a serious infection involved?

The gums around both teeth are red, swollen as well and has been for what's like months it can be sensitive to cold drinks.

My cheek tissue is getting bit into by the upper teeth on both sides.

There is more tightness and pressure like a vice than physical pain so far.

The thing was when I went to the dentist over a month ago for a checkup he said they looked okay and no decay sign.

I almost had the teeth out as I visited an oral surgeon to talk about these teeth. They rushed my appointment and I couldn't ask them all the questions I wanted, but they did say there's a 2-5% risk of nerve damage as both my troublesome wisdom teeth are near the central nerve. He said all the teeth need to be removed by GA not just the lower two and explained the challenges of the surgery.
I decided not to opt for their removal as I felt rushed to make a choice on the spot and the possible nerve damage element sounded hard but I can refer myself again, but the decision would have to be final.

If one has persistent swollen lymph nodes, should these teeth be removed or is it unlikely they would eventually settle down? I could get them removed but I've just been through a tough spot with starting a new job, finances and my mental health.



Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Enlarged lymph glands aren't a particular issue, they're doing what they're designed to do, trap and kill foreign bacteria.
The main symptoms when impacted wisdom teeth blow up is that you get a fair bit of pain and also very limited mouth opening. If you've not got that then don't worry about it for now.

Stress factors in your life will contribute towards wisdom tooth issues, so if you can get those cleared up it'll help your wisdom teeth too :)