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Anxious and obsessing about 1st appt in 5 years - (newbie)



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Aug 22, 2010
Hi everyone :) I've been reading everyone's posts on here for a couple weeks, and because of the stories on here, I had the courage to make an appointment with the dentist for my first visit in 5 years :(.

I have generalized anxiety, and occasional panic attacks, currently working with my MD to determine the best way to get a handle on my anxiety.

I don't know why I'm afraid to go to the dentist. I've never had a bad experience. My cleanings and fillings in the past have always been painless and my dentists have been very understanding. I am definitely embarrased that I haven't been to the dentist, especially since my grandpa was a dentist and my parents were always very concientious about taking me every 6 months as a kid.

Last time I went to the dentist, I hadn't been in 6 years. Ended up having 12 fillings over 4 visits. When the dentist called me to schedule my 6 month check-up I never made the appt. The receptionist kept calling and for some reason it felt to me like I was avoiding calls from a bill collector and I refused to answer or return her calls.

Now I need to go back again. My very back molars on the top (#2 and #15 I believe - never had wizzies) are starting to fall apart - literally. The one on my top right has a whole side missing. The cheek side is just a big hole up to and probably past the gum line. The filling in the middle and all the rest of the tooth is there and it hasn't bothered me for the last 8 months since the hole started. The molar in the back on the left side is missing the back outside corner. That just happened a couple weeks ago and was the trigger for me getting up the courage to call the dentist.

I have to say that everyone here has been so helpful in easing my panic! I had myself convinced that all my teeth are going to have to come out when in reality I may need a root canal or two, maybe have those back teeth pulled if they cant be filled without RCT. I know there are a couple teeth with black spots in the chewing surface and they will probably need fillings.

I don't know if the teeth with holes still have their nerves. I've never had an infection, nothing hurts, no hot or cold sensitivities. I clench my teeth when I'm stressed out so sometimes I can 'feel' my teeth but nothing I would really consider pain, just pressure.

I've really got myself a bit worked up over what's wrong with my teeth and have been trying to self-diagnose, but there's no way I can really do that is there:(. Especially since all week I've had a sinus cold and have been clenching my jaw and picking at my teeth (told you I was a bit obsessed and anxious). And it's my own fault for not going to regular check-ups anyways.

I've got OK insurance and I talked to my parents and they want me to do what I need to to get my mouth healthy and they will help with what insurance doesn't cover. I take my kids to the dentist regularly, I guess I should be setting an example...

So I made the appointment for first thing Monday morning to get an exam and x-rays with the new female dentist at the practice my family has been going to for years (it's the same one i went to 5 years ago).

Making the call was the worst, I was shaking when I dialed the numbers lol! They have nitrous there and send out all RCT to a local endodontist. Hopefully this new dentist will be really nice and I'll get a healthy mouth full of teeth in just a few weeks.

Wish me luck on Monday! I'm nervous, but not really because of the exam, just the diagnosis.

Thank you again to everyone who has shared their story, I really do appreciate it!
Hi, and :welcome:!!
Here's hoping your first visit will go smoothly on Monday!
Keep us posted
A big :hug2: from Jen
The stories here really can help, can't they. :)

Wishing you luck Monday. I'm sure you'll be fine. Keep us posted! :XXLhug:
Headed into the dentist right now. Wish me luck!
Good luck! :hug2:

Good Luck Kn03mom.

Okay, I survived! I took half a Xanax before the appt. I made sure to write about my panic attacks on my intake form and told the tech about my anxiety and nervousness. Everyone was really nice and no one made me feel bad about waiting so long to come back in. They took x-rays and Dr. H came and poked around. After looking at my mouth and films, the verdict is (drum roll please):
1 RCT on molar #2 -have been referred out to endodontist and have appt on Friday.
3 fillings
1 small chip on front tooth that I do not even have to be numbed for.

So I figured on the RCT but have fewer cavities than I thought. Dr. H said that my other teeth that are bothering me are most likely getting referred pain from the tooth that needs the root canal. So I'm anxious about Friday but looking forward to getting all this over with. I have 5 appts scheduled for the next month but Friday will be the doozy.

A very big thanks for all the good luck and encouragement!

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Your welcome Km03mom.

My husband had RCT recently and he said that it's not much worse that getting your tooth filled....he was able to eat dinner that same night albeit he DID take some preventative Tylenol just in case.
He did fine and you will too.
Good luck for Friday!!!
:hug2: from Jen