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Anxious autistic child has lost a filling



Aug 26, 2014
As in title. Son has lost a deep filling in his pre molar and I dont know what to do. Our dentist is closed until at least the 1st of May or later. Not in pain yet but I'm really anxious and upset in case it gets worse.

If I call our dentist it goes through a triage but we're only supposed to call in a big emergency. I have some dentemp repair stuff that I bought in case one of my own fillings comes out.

Anyone know what happens to children who need dental care at the moment?
Hard to give an accurate answer when I don't know where you're located. If you're someplace in the UK then give the triage centre a call.

Personally, I'd count that as an urgent issue if your son was one of my patients, it should be possible to patch up the tooth without generating an aerosol.
Hi Gordon,
Thank you for the reply. I'm in Norfolk. My husband managed to phone our dentist who offered to supply some temporary filling mix for us to apply. The surgery is closed so sadly not an option to have filling pressed back in. My son has refused to let us press stuff onto tooth as we are not dentists and is pointless arguing with him as this will lead to meltdowns and further distress. I guess if it starts to hurt he may reconsider letting us press the stuff on. They have said he will be a priority once the surgery reopens.

If it gets to the severe pain stage they mentioned that he could be referred to the hospital. He's 10 now so I live in hope that the canine and first molar decide to drop out soon :). It's hard as we use an adult tooth paste with him but he washes it straight out of this mouth with water in between brushing. Anyway probably enougth about his fillings. I'm just glad that a dentist takes the time to reply
Wait, is this a deciduous (baby) tooth? In that case don't worry about it it'll be fine :)
Hi Gordon. It's a filling pressed onto a baby tooth as had decay and denting exposed. Son has reflux so acid gets on teeth. I think it's a first molar and the one in front which fall out aged 10-12 I think. I know lots of children who have tooth ache from baby teeth. Spot the parent who's more anxious than the child.
Yes they can sometimes cause pain, but it's not likely to happen in this case, at least not in the short term.
He let me put dentek filling stuff on :). Problem is I'm not sure if it's in the hole.