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Anxious large composite molar filling fell out today :(



Aug 26, 2014
I suffer from dental anxiety but am able to be treated. Today my son bumped my in the jaw and I lost a large, composite filling from a molar. Filling was only two years old. Feels like most of tooth has gone :(. I've made an emergency appointment for tomorrow AM for a temp filling or replacement filling depending on time available. I'm scared but stupidly I'm more scared of toothache or the filling falling out again and wondered if I should ask for extraction. This will be the third time the tooth has been filled. Had a ten year old failing amalgam replaced with composite as my private dentist only does white fillings. I've taken paracetamol even though I don't have pain yet. Worried about sleeping tonight as I grind in my sleep. Should I use my mouth guard and is the toothache likely to start later :(.
Me, personally, I would always want to save my tooth if I could. Sometimes with a large filling or a tooth that's been filled multiple times, they can put a crown on the tooth. Maybe ask if that's and option? Given that you're not in pain, it could mean that you haven't lost as much of the filling as you think. At least you have an appt tomorrow! Best of luck to you!
Thank you. I feel silly about the anxiety. I'm anxious about getting toothache, anxious about temp filling falling out and axioms about having new filling in. It's a private dentist so can get app quickly but also anxious about that.... I want amalgam back they seem to last much better. I have clove oil but have no idea how to use it. Don't want to put it in cavity as the nerve is very much alive.:o
You can use the clove oil on the tooth if it starts hurting. I wouldn't use it unless it's hurting.

I've only had composite fillings and I've never had any issues with them. I think a lot depends on the skill of the dentist doing the fillings. I've had some of mine for many, many years.
I agree with FearfulinMA with trying to save a tooth if possible. If needed I would go down the crown rout if I had a tooth filled a number of times.
Why isn't it an option to have the amalgam back? I have that in my back teeth as well. I did hear that with back teeth doing so much heavy chewing, amalgam might actually be the better choice. I know how horrible going to a NEW dentist is but maybe if you can work up the courage, someone else will fill it again with amalgam. Where are you and does anyone work with amalgam at all anymore there?
I have a private dentist who doesn't use amalgam. Due to medical history NHS refused to treat me as I have multiple heart conditions. Has a temporary filling until proper appointment which was great as no sensitivity. From today new filling in place which is not amalgam or composite. Not sure what it is but dentist said is has better flexibility but wears quicker. Have problem with grinding which is apparently why it failed.