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Any advice ? Tooth extraction and an implant ?



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Sep 3, 2017
Today I was booked in for two root canals to be re-treated , but the endodontist could only carry out treatment on one root canal. The other tooth (under the crown ) was too decayed to save .
He cleaned it up and put a temporary filling in what was left of the tooth (literally nothing) , and told me that I would need to book an appointment with my dentist as soon as possible to have it extracted (got one appt in 4 weeks time !?) He then said that I should consider an implant.

My question is ...
In the US, Italy etc , they do the implant as soon as they have extracted the tooth . Here it seems that the guideline is that you have to wait a minimum of 6 weeks after extraction before you get the implant fitted .
What are your experiences?

Also , any tips on how to look after the area (after the extraction) ?

Many thanks
I think the speed at which this is done varies from practitioner to practitioner; rather than country to country. There are some people in a hurry who like to put the titanium into infected tooth sockets or so I have read on some websites! Dental tourism by its very nature has to minimise the number of visits required but this is not necessarily the safest way to proceed.
For me personally what happened was a gap of 2 1/2 months (so I was fully healed) between extraction and the abutment appointment (the main one 50 minutes 100% painfree), impressions for the crown (quick) after a further 2 months and the fitting of the actual crown 1m (easy peasy) after that. I had also had an initial consult originally of 1 hour where very high tech x-rays were taken.
I was taking UK internal flights to achieve this and so it is possible my timescale for the last bit was longer than it needed to be but it is the safer approach to allow the titanium time to integrate (several months) before loading it with the crown and presumably the forces of your bite.
You are spending a lot of money so you may as well do it optimally by the method most likely to ensure success. If you are concerned about a gap showing they can probably give you some kind of temporary solution.
You can bet your life most dentists wouldn't be taking the short cuts with their own teeth.

Glad the endo was able to save one btw. Hope it went well in general for you.
Thank you so much for your reply Brit - it was incredibly helpful ?.
What you said certainly makes sense ,and sounds far more sensible to me .

There's not much left of the after tooth after the endodontist had removed all the decay . He put a temporary filling in afterwards to protect whatever's left of the tooth , but I have to be so careful with it until I can get it extracted.
I had to ask my dentist receptionist for a Saturday appointment as I cannot take time off work at the moment (hence why the appointment is 4 weeks away) . But obviously,should I start suffering with it ,it will have to get removed before then .

Am very sore today though , I suppose that's normal after a root canal?
Am very sore today though , I suppose that's normal after a root canal?
It's normal after an infected root canal and probably also after a one visit one. Can you truly distinguish which of the 2 teeth is causing the most aggro however? When you have decided where to get the implant, they may be able to do the extraction also? Where is the tooth that needs the implant? I know some people including dentists :)see no reason to have a second molar.