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Any advice



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Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk
Hello. Sorry the picture I’ve attached isn’t great but this tooth I’m aware isn’t great . The dentist attempted a root canal a few months ago but I could feel sensitivity so she said she didn’t want to continue as she felt I didn’t need it but now it looks chipped? Tooth’s fallen off ? I don’t want it pulled . Would I need a filling or a root canal? Im under a community dentist and they have been excellent with me . I have left a message on the answering machine so hopefully they will contact me on Monday. No pain but will use salt washes so I don’t get an infection. Thanks


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Just relax and wait till Monday, nothing bad is going to happen to you.
@Gordon thanks . I just don’t want it to be taken out , does it look like a filing or root canal needed ?
Can't tell from that photo, sorry!