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Any tips on getting numb?!



Junior member
Mar 25, 2017
I've read this blog post over and over and over! :)

Anyone have any other tips on getting numb? From the time I was young I've always had moderate pain during fillings.

I need to have a million fillings done (I know i'm terrible). I've just started with a new dentist who ASSURED me she has a special combo anesthetic that will work on me.

I have my first work done with her last week, was okay at first but about half way through started getting pain. I am shy and terrible at speaking up. It go to the point where I was feeling dizzy, sweaty, and a little faint. I took it as long as I could before asking for more novacaine twice.

Pain continued, but I just sat it out.

None of my teeth are infected that I know of, I don't have red hair, but many family members do.

I do suffer from panic attacks, but I do everything I can do deal with them headphones, breathing, and xanax.

We've decided it is best to only fill 1 or 2 teeth at a time. I can't face going back again and again and again. Dreading pain, having pain, dreading pain, having pain.

Is there any other option for me besides sedation? I'm more afraid of going to sleep than pain I'd have to say. :o

I would like to try taking a Tylenol or motrin before my appointment but I've found myself feeling ill and not wanting to eat before it. Also, don't want anything my in my stomach in case I gag.

Sometimes this all just feels like too much to bear.
Sorry but I have to ask what does having red hair have to do with anything. I do that have any tips but I think all you can do is tell them that you are not getting numb, x
I'm not sure to be honest! It's mentioned in Dental Fear Centrals blog post and I've heard from my family members as well. They've had surgeries under general anesthesia and needed more. Something with the way the body metabolizes it.
Unfortunately, some people are just harder to numb than others. It's very rare, but it does happen. What scares you about sedation, specifically?