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Any tips to get through the weekend?



Mar 2, 2018
I’ve had massive toothache in a lower molar for a week. Xray revealed infection and I need a root canal. I’m on amoxicillin until they can fit me in but I can’t get it done until either Tuesday or Friday next week (waiting on the specialist to confirm which day).
I am currently on tramadol and naproxen from the GP as well as the antibiotics and paracetamol on top. But sometimes the pain is absolutely unbearable.
I’m a loss for what else I can do except go to A&E. Does anyone have any tips to get me through until the appointment?
At this point my phobia is hardly coming into it, I just need to get this pain under control ?
How long have you been on the amoxicillin? If you've taken it for some days and it has no effect, then maybe an antibiotic such as Metronidazole which targets anaerobic bacteria might be better. Not sure what else you could do :( - I hope the pain has eased a bit!
Hi I started the amoxicillin on Monday (5 day course) but the pain Friday was so bad. They have given me another 5 day course. It should be some time next week I can get the root canal (waiting on the dentist to confirm the schedule as I have requested a specialist). It seems to have calmed down a little ?
Hope the pain is less today and you're starting to feel better
Thank you, it’s settled a bit and I’m due in for the root canal at 4pm
Nothing like an afternoon appointment for dental anxiety ?
At first the specialist was going to do it in one appointment, the office emailed me last night with an updated quote (+£300 extra) and they have decided it does need 2 appointments. Paying £1100 for the root canal alone. Seems very expensive but I have no choice, i desperately need to get this sorted and I think most places have waiting lists.
Wish me luck
Best of luck ? !!! Let us know how you got on ?!
Well part 1 is done , I felt like I was going to have a heart attack going in there but I made it through. It was the first time I met this dentist which made it even worse but she was nice and she made sure I was really numb which has been a bit of an issue in the past with my lower molars. Entire mouth is a bit sore but I tend to get this when holding my mouth open for an hour plus the injection sites feel a bit sore. One of my canals was a bit curved but she seemed positive that she’d gotten round that ok and I will return in a week or so for the second appointment. Just hoping everything calms down now fingers crossed ?
Well done!!! Fingers crossed it will all settle down soon. You'll be fine at your next appt, also you can be confident that your new dentist is able to keep you pain free throughout the procedure which is really important.
Congratulations ?!!! Hope it calms down very quickly for you and that your mouth is feeling better today. Good luck for part 2 ?!
Yes fingers crossed. Thanks guys for the support x