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Anyone else fix heat sensitive tooth with filling and no root canal?



Well-known member
Jul 8, 2021
I'm just wondering if anyone else had a tooth that was sensitive to heat that was restored without a root canal. Mine is sensitive to cold and heat. That pain is not severe or lasting. My appointment is about four weeks away to get a large filling. Now I'm concerned that since it has changed since the x-ray and exam seven weeks ago that it is too late for a filling. I don't do root canals. Has anyone else had a tooth that was sensitive to heat and it got better without a root canal? Thank you.
@Anne2021 what do you mean "since it has changed"?
@Kml1998 When I saw the dentist seven weeks ago, I do not believe it was sensitive to heat. It is now.
Whenever I bring anything like this up I'm told to use Sensodyne toothpaste and leave a bit on overnight.. at least if you try that you can cover that suggestion if it comes up - or it might help and take the sensitivity away 👍