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anyone else with a real small mouth?



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Mar 24, 2019
Denver CO
I have a rodent sized mouth and rodent sized teeth. My mouth measures 38 mm (1 1/2 inches) from one end of lip to another with mouth closed. It is as wide as my nose. When I smile, my mouth does not open wide enough to show teeth. Also, being male, I have very heavy skin around lips and cheeks making it very difficult to move that mass of skin when smiling. My teeth and gums are very healthy. I see the dentist every 6 months. They are always screaming at me to open up my mouth more. I don't have any TMJ problems that I am aware of. My smile does not show up in photos even when I give it the maximum effort, it looks like I am barely smiling. Some people are saying that I need to smile more. That is really irritating! I have heard that nothing can be done about lip length, but veneers or braces might be a good way to go. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Don't really have any suggestions but I also have a small mouth which prob makes dental stuff harder,can't really change that tho.
Hi there,

talking about veneers and braces it sounds like you talked about this to your dentist already.. so what do they suggest? By the way, sorry to read your dentists screams at you to open more, that doesn't sound too kind.

All the best wishes
I have a small mouth, but big teeth, so I had permanent teeth extracted and had braces. I always have dentists telling me to open more as well, and they have to use child size trays for impressions and x rays.
No advice, though, sorry. I hope someone has an answer for you.
Don’t see why veneers or braces would be a good way to go if your teeth and gums are in good shape and you don’t have any problems (other than saying “cheese” for a camera). Just ignore the people who are saying you need to smile more. It's not as if you'd be short of reasons for not sporting a big smile at all times, especially if you're following current affairs :p. And if you are in a good mood, you could always let your eyes do the smiling :).

Oh, and your dentist sounds like a twat.
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I do not think anything being done to your teeth will make a difference on the visibility of your smile. Plastic surgeons offer procedures to lift or shorten the upper lip so that the teeth are more visible when you smile and that sounds more like what you are asking for.
I have a patient who is similar. She has a very small mouth too. I had suggested when she was younger to stretch her lips by almost continuous wearing lip retractors that would apply a small force. The parents weren't interested but you are right it is difficult for the hygienist, dentist, and anesthesiologist.