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Anyone ever been to a dentist that doesn't use needles?



Junior member
Jul 5, 2015
Years ago (in the 90's?? Maybe 2000's??) I saw an advertisement for painless dentistry that used no needles. Has anyone ever been to something like that and how was it? I don't know what method they used as it's been a long time and I've only just Googled some stuff as I type this.
Never heard of that method before.

If the dentist knows how to properly do injections, the needle will not hurt at all. I had one dentist who was amazing at being able to give me a very deep (like down to the skin of my cheek) injection with NO pain - he didn't hit any nerves, he wiggled my cheek when he started the injection to make it painless, and he slowly injected the numbing meds as he went down. I seriously wanted to guy him after that injection :giggle: