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Anyone ever have connective tissue graft ? Tissue removed from roof of mouth to cover area on gums.



Junior member
May 9, 2017
I have a growth on my gum near tooth 30, has been there for a few months, it is painless, just there. Dentist did x rays, not even showing up on x rays, all my teeth are fine, he made incision and cleaned it out last month when it was giving off a bad taste, he said possibly infected, he cleaned it thoroughly, gave me rx to take and rx mouthwash. I followed his orders perfectly, went back 2 weeks later the growth is still present, no bad taste anymore. He xrayed again, still nothing showing up on xray. Sent me to oral surgeon, he checked it out, said there is a possibility it could be cancerous, (I am not convinced that it is cancerous, I am very meticulous when it comes to my teeth, even hygentist compliments me how she never has any tarter to scrape during my cleanings, I never used tobacco, never drank alcohol, no drugs use ever, and am pretty much a health nut, a lot of fresh fruits and veg, I have no health issues at all) so he needs to remove it for biopsy. That part does not scare me. He told me because of the size of this, almost size of m&m, he will need to remove tissue from roof of mouth to use to cover the exposed area once he removes the growth. I am terrified of that! I am getting iv sedation. I am most worried about the post pain after the procedure of removing tissue from roof of mouth. Anyone ever have this done before? If so please share you experience! Thank you!