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Anyone had extraction and Implant? One trm. Scared - do not want to do this!



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Nov 1, 2017
Anyone had extraction and Implant? One trm. Scared - do not want to do this!


I am having a molar extracted trm and an implant put in. What is that like? I have gotten my fear under control - (Mostly) except for something new. How long of a recovery there? Jut the thought of this I terrifying.

Yest I had a root canal, or rather a retreat of one done many years ago. It has become painful and infected. I did fine after Valium and a lot of numbing. Quite proud of how far I have come with the whole phobia thing! Except 3/4 of the way through he could not finish - tooth is cracked beyond repair.

Hence the extraction

I will be taking a Halcion hour before I go in- that is new for me...was always given Valium. how diff is it? The nurse said I would need a "sitter" after Halcion because people try to things like drive or leave the house or act silly. She made it seem funny but I have a 3 year old GrD living here - don't want to scare her or do something bizzare.

I will have IV sedation...which sound good, I guess - you don't feel anything? but how bad is the procedure that I need it. Will I be really sleepy after? How much pain is there AFTER?

I was still under the effect of Valium yest so did not ask my dentist any of these questions.

A tiny background - I have dental fears due to being difficult to numb. Long story but I think those bad experiences (of pain during treatment) led to the fears getting out of proportion and spilling over into other dental fears. Once I found a dentist that understood and explained why I was harder to numb and who took the time to place the meds in the right area and give enough, plus use a combo of Valium the night before and morning of plus a good amount of Nitrous I do pretty well.

I also had cancer three years ago, chemo and surgery which greatly changed my perspective of fear and pain. I was not overly fearful or anxious at all during my treatment which confirms that my fear is dental centric not jut medical or needles or such.

Like many people I have had wisdom teeth removed decades go and it was horrific each time. Another factor in my fear I believe.
Thank you in advance for any help or advice...
Re: Anyone had extraction and Implant? One trm. Scared - do not want to do this!

Hello! I had an extraction and implant done a year ago. It was the bottom right second premolar. I can't speak to IV sedation, as I only had local anesthetic. I've also never taken Halcion or Valium. Honestly, the whole thing wasn't that bad. The procedure was unnerving, but manageable, in my opinion. And if you’re having sedation, you shouldn't even remember it (that's just what I've heard; I’ve never actually had IV sedation done). Afterwards, I took 600mg ibuprofen, but it was just as a precaution. I didn’t have any pain afterwards and didn't need to take the Valium I had been given. I also didn't swell at all. The implant site oozed blood for a couple of hours after, but it wasn't anything extreme. The hardest part for me was not chewing on it for 3 months while it was healing. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine, and the end result will be worth it!