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Anyone had to go to an oral surgeon to get a root canalled molar removed?



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Jan 14, 2016
I need an upper molar extracted next month, my dentist wants me to go to an oral surgeon for this which i'm not sure is necessary ( i don't really want iv sedation and the extra cost i"m sure will be alot more than i want it to be, i'm on disability so i'm sure i won't get much covered. Anyone have a success story to share? i've had two wisdom teeth out, two root canals and two crowns, don't know how i made it through those but i did and so proud i have so it gives me courage i can do this as well, at least it won't be as long or as bad as root canals.
I had my root canalled molar removed after the root canal failed. It was super quick and much easier than non-root canalled teeth.
okay, thanks. I am wondering why i need to go to an oral surgeon to get it out, i never told my dentist i wanted IV sedation and i can go to another dentist nearby to get IV sedation. I thought it would be easier but then they say it could be brittle and split easier. I am trying not to worry as i worry way too much esp. about my teeth. :) I will be brave and do it as soon as i can. Did you have an issue eating after, that is my worry, and about healing more than the procedure.
okay, thanks. I am wondering why i need to go to an oral surgeon to get it out,

This may have to do with what your dentist is comfortable doing and what not. Some dentists refer out routinely for some things if they do not like doing it or do not feel particulary skilled in diong it.
It sounds like a surgeon would push sedation on you or it would cost too much - have you had a consult already or is it an assumption? I think in general you can go wherever you like to have it out. There may be another dentist who feels comfortable doing it.
i did call the oral surgeon- it will be a 2 week wait for consult, then 3 weeks after that for an appt. so am calling my dentist to see if they suggest i can go to a regular dentist, i really want it done by mid-june or so for many reasons, part is anxiety and i want to get it over with- i went in early April and am tired of dealing with my teeth at this point.:( They did say i don't have to have sedation but would depend if the surgeon thought it would be okay- i made an appt. but it's not until June 12th:(
@nutzforcats I have not had a root-canaled tooth removed as I have not had any root canals, but I have had 8 teeth extracted in addition to my wisdom teeth. Of those 8 teeth, 6 were molars. One - #15, the upper left molar farthest back - was removed by a dentist. It was the first one of the 8 that I had removed. Since then, I have always used an oral surgeon. It was like night and day. If you are anxious, I highly recommend an oral surgeon. It was the difference between an hour with difficulty getting all the pieces out and 10-15 minutes and it's over. I have also never had sedation. All extractions, including those at the oral surgeon's, were done with local anesthetic only. Also, the dentists I have seen, except for the one who did #15, either prefer not to extract or refuse to extract. I hope everything goes well for you whatever you decide. I just wanted to give a patient's perspective on oral surgeon vs. dentist.
thanks, i was thinking an oral surgeon may be able to get it out quicker due to it being one of their specialities. I am waiting to hear back from one and the other one i made an appt. but i can't get it done as soon as i'd like. I do want it quick and over with esp. with no sedation, so it may be worth the extra expense and time to wait.
besides the tooth out procedure, i'm worried about the bleeding and the gauze, how will i drink when i have gauze in my mouth? i've had two wisdom teeth and don't remember it being an issue with bleeding too much and i was eating soft foods by dinner. can anyone tell me about the time after?
i went to the consult today, it went okay and will get it out next Tues. at 11am, didn't have much choice but need it out as it is sore when touched and sick of the temp. crown, only going to take 1/2 an hour-said he may have to drill it out but i'm okay with that and he said it's just a tooth! easy for him to say eh, he doesn't have dental anxiety?! I am now more worried about the after care but got through my wisdom teeth okay, even though i found it hard to eat for a couple weeks the last time, but that will be over before i know it, just will be careful and follow instructions. I am just going to get brave, get it done and then i won't have to deal with this tooth ever again, so looking on the bright side. Going to cost more than i'd like and only going to get just under $200 back but at least it is cheaper than saving it, which is not a choice.:(