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Anyone here had their Wisdom Teeth out? Very sensitive gums.



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My top right wisdom tooth is giving me alot of issues. The gums are very sensitive; I even have slight dizziness, headaches, and jaw pain in this area. In about a week I'm due to get the tooth extracted. I will be awake (only novacane) and only getting this top right (tooth #1) wisdom tooth extracted.

Has anyone here been awake for tooth extraction? Any tips to make the process easier? Also do you think I should do anything about my sensitive gums? I can barely poke that area with a toothbrush without feeling sensitivity on the gumlines. (The tooth is partially impacted, and is only slightly erupted...most of the tooth is still under the gumline). Do you think it's safe to get this tooth out, or is there a risk for infection?


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi it will be very safe to get the tooth out. The dentist will make sure you are numb but if you feel anything other than a bit of pressure then let them know and they can top up the numbing stuff.

It may feel a bit sore after and they will give you some aftercare instructions for you to follow.

Good luck I am sure it will be fine.