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Anyone know what this weird lump is ?



Jul 30, 2014
8 months ago I had chronic pain for 10 days in this area by my lower wisdom tooth, this was cured by antibiotics. But I notice by the tooth there is an area that sometimes has a bump but other times it is flat. Any ideas ? So I have taken photos of this area before and it was very flat with just a bit of a red patch, but as you can see from this photo it is sometimes a weird lump. Please ignore the white marks, that is the light from the camera. View attachment 2830


  • 2018-08-03 030445.jpg
    2018-08-03 030445.jpg
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problem see a dentist
Yeah, thanks, I am seeing him on Friday. But any idea in the meantime what it is ? That photo was taken a month ago, now it looks like the below pics. Just curious really if obvious what it is to a dentist. Thanks.

2018-09-05 005524.jpg2018-09-05 005625.jpg
Looks like a pointing abscess. Either from the tooth or the gum.
While I agree with Gordon I think we both agree that it isn't a good idea to try to get a diagnosis based off of a picture on the internet. Something is causing the tissue to look like this. It needs to be evaluated.