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Anyone that can help ease my fears?



Apr 18, 2021

I have posted once before but have not really go on any further since then. I am struggling to find an NHS dentist and I have spoken to a private dental company which seems nice (have stuff geared up to nervous patients) but with what I think will need doing I don't know if I will be able to afford (currently on furlough)

I just want to know a couple of things - with the tooth loss on my upper side (I have 3 possibly 4 teeth missing and 1 broken - the broken one is the only one left on that side other than canine) what will they be able to do? Would i be able to get implants or would they straight away suggest a denture...I don't think I would be able to cope with a denture and the thought is making me seriously upset.

I have a slight chip on the underside of my canine (this is only recent) would they be able to fix that without removing?

I also have a tooth on lower on opp side that is broken - I really really don't want it removed - obviously I would want it repaired but if they say I can't will they make me remove it?

I know none of these questions can be answered properly without seeing my mouth but what options would I be looking at?

I feel if I am slightly prepared on what they might say it will help me handle it better...as I am scaring myself silly thinking about worse case scenario, even though I don't even know actually what that might be.

I am obsessing over this and feel so depressed, I literally feel like I have ruined my life by not looking after my teeth and I will never get over this.

My dental phobia is so bad I cannot even look at teeth (even my own children's!) I just wish I wasn't like this!

Any help much appreciated xxxx
My dental phobia is so bad I cannot even look at teeth (even my own children's!) I just wish I wasn't like this!

Starting with this bit, this is actually really common, don't feel bad about it :)

It's really impossible to answer your other questions without some sort of look at the situation, however, NOBODY is going to force you to have teeth removed if you don't want them removed.

It is possible to go straight for implants instead of having dentures if they were indicated.

Well done on taking steps to sort things out, you're not alone in this, have a read on some of the other sections to see how other people got through it all.
Thank you, that does make me feel a bit better knowing they won't force me to have my teeth removed! Not even sure where I got this idea from!

I have sent my details across to the private dentist now just have to call them to book appointment...too much for me to call them again today so I am going to try to do it tomorrow! ??
Good for you. Keep us updated on how you get on.
I have found out today that I have an exemption certificate for nhs dentists. I have managed to find one dentist that can take me on but cannot see me until August or I can called the emergency line to try to get an urgent appointment.

So here is my dilema...I am massively worried about my tooth that is the only tooth remaining on my upper left as it is broken with a bit missing and also the chip on my canine tooth on same side (chip is only slight on underside at the moment) BUT I am not in any pain with it. So do I wait till August or do I call for emergency appointment??

I just don't want them telling me its not classed as an emergency as not in pain but worried if I wait till August the remaining tooth may not be able to be saved or will fall out ( altho not loose at moment)

Just don't know what would be best to do? Xxx
Chances are you won't get through the triage to get an emergency appointment, if you're honest on the phone. If you're slotted into an emergency appointment then it'll be whatever quick patch up can be done in that time, so you won't get a filling done.
I'd wait for the proper appointment, the broken teeth won't get worse in that time.
Ok, I will do that and try by best to keep the tooth safe until then x

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