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Apicectomy, infection returned update



Junior member
Jan 9, 2023
Devon, UK
Hi, I posted previously about a Apicectomy, that ultimatley failed and some issues around the acute infection that sprang up.
Following the Antibiotics the abscess bump remained quite big so my dentist squeezed me in to just drain it and double check. She didn't want to prescribe more Anti bs as didn't feel were needed. Infection was localised and just recommended salt water rinses and gentle massaging. This has worked pretty well alongside the incision she made and the bump has remained small, although a little sore.
They mananged to get me in end of last week for the impressions so that if they have a cancellation she can get me in to have it extracted sooner ( booked appointment is beginning of October). She also asked me to stop checking it so much as it was sending my anxiety wild. I checked it this morning and the slight bump looks like a blood blistery thing now. But not swollen and the area around it doesnt look inflamed. Is this normal? I dont want to bother them unless i have to as they have been so good with me and my gut is saying its fine, but my crazy brain is saying crazy things.
It's fine, it's just a bit of inflammation coming through.
@Gordon thank you very much. I'm not looking forward to loosing my tooth at all but man I can't wait to be rid of the infection and all the worries
I'm sure you'll be glad to see the back of it in the end :)
oh absolutley and at the beginning of this saga I would have never said that.