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Apico recovery question



Feb 5, 2020
Hello! I had a root canal on tooth 12 the beginning of February. Apparently the tooth had a tiny old filling that leaked. No infection but tooth was dying. Following root canal I had extreme pain. RC was redone in March, pain continued. On Friday the Endodontist performed an Apicoectomy. There was small infectioN which was causing swelling in my gums above the tooth root.

I am healing well. Main source of ache is in my chipmunk cheeks. Gums are tender but feel good.

my question is, is it normal for the Apico tooth to feel different right now? Even a bit tender? I thought that if the tooth had no root it would no longer feel sensation.

Just sitting here worrying about this poor tooth and hoping someone has some thoughts on this.
Thank you!
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Yes, it's completely normal, if you think about it, there's basically a hole in the jaw bone that your body will need to fill in, so there's lots of rebuilding work going on. Lots of inflammation, lots of bone cells busy making new bone and remodelling the old stuff, as well as dealing with any residual infection from the abscess.
Oh, goodness. Thank you, Gordon! I thought the tooth would just feel completely dead but it makes sense that it still needs time to recover. I just need to leave it be and stop pressing on it.

thank you, friend. I could just cry with relief. This tooth has put me through the ringer — emotionally and physically (and financially!) these past few months.
Thank you!
When I had an apico, it was months before the area felt normal again. It was one of the hardest recoveries from dental work that I have experienced. Like Gordon said, lots of bone and tissue to regrow. I had a patch of numb gums for a long time as well, and the endodontist said it was because tiny nerves had been cut, and that it could take up to 6 months to heal completely.
Thank you so much! It’s so reassuring to hear that this is all normal. I’m so worried about this poor little tooth so this is such a relief. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these things just miraculously were better the next day?

thank you!
You're very welcome, I hope things continue to improve for you.