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Apico Wednesday....I'm petrified!



Junior member
Jan 3, 2011
Hey all!

I'm the newbie! (gotta start somewhere) I had to make an emergency appointment this past Tuesday because I was having excruciating pain in my back left molar - I had a root canal and crown done on it years ago. So I got in with my dentist, which I was amazing since I hadn't been there in over five years. So after some good natured chastising, he checked it out and told me I needed an apico. They got me in with an oral surgeon for this Wednesday, and I'm just terrified.

I'm calling them tomorrow to see if they are doing the procedure or if this is just a consultation. If they are going to do it on Wednesday, I'm gonna freak out! I don't know if I will be getting a local or general anesthesia or what they are going to be doing.

Has anyone been through this or does anyone have any advice to help me get through this?

Thanks in advance!
My father in law had this done and only had locals. They will numb you up but you can request sedation if you feel you need it and if your oral surgeon offers it.
Hi Jinxxed, freakout had an apicoectomy a while back and described what it was like - the thread is here: