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Appointment for extraction, but issues developing while waiting.



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Dec 23, 2014
Massive fear of the dentist (why else would I be here) and have an appointment for mid-March to have far back top right tooth extracted due to too much extreme decay for it to be saved... Recently, on brushing, the area around the cavity bleeds, and there appears to be more blood today. I did a quick brush about a week ago, so im not sure what to do. there's only pain when I press my tongue or other tooth against it like you would expect, but im curious about whether I have just brushed too hard and irritated it, or if its on the way to an infection. Which is it, and do I meet the criteria for an accelerated/emergency appointment, as I really just want it out before an infection begins (if it hasn't already). It feels like theres a ridge on the gums where the tooth no longer goes to which suggests the tooth decay has met the gumline. What does this mean for me if it applies? and there is a soft and sensitive almost cushion like formation over part of the decayed gap up to the gum line, filling the gap. what is this? and will it all last without any pain until my appointment or... IDK, just advice on all the above would be great.

EDIT: another question that I need answering to kill my anxiety a little, what sort of thing can I expect from my current predicament, pain, sensitivity, sudden infection, or provided its well cared for and given time to settle, nothing?

Thank you in advance, really appreciate anyone who gives up their time to try and console me as re-reading my post, I understand im difficult when panicked.
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Hi you could try ringing your dentist and see if they have a cancellation appointment and if not at the moment ask if they do get someone cancelling could they consider you for that appointment.

The bleeding gum could be because the gum has softened through not brushing or not brushing correctly due to it feeling sore, which is what we tend to do when something hurts or bleeds. You may find that if you can manage to brush with a soft brush twice a day and not let the blood frighten you that the gum will toughen back up and eventually the bleeding will stop. Gums can harden up very quickly over a matter of days the bleeding will stop or lessen. When you have eaten rinse your mouth with mouthwash or salt water or even just plain water so that any food sticking around will be flushed away and not left to cause damage or irritation. Flossing is also good and should be done daily to keep healthy gums. :butterfly: