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Appointment has been made….

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Jan 19, 2023
I “pulled the trigger” and made an appointment. I’ve posted here once before-I’m new to posting but have been visiting and reading the threads for a few years. Haven’t been to the dentist in like…ever. Like a couple times as a child but now I’m a full blown old adult and I’m TERRIFIED. But it’s not gonna get better and I’m tired of stressing about my teeth 24/7. (No exaggeration!) I know it will be bad but what’s the alternative? Being toothless like my mother? (Who is in her 80’s…but still she’s been missing teeth for YEARS) anyways…I want thank all you wonderful ppl on this forum. Because your stories-scary, good, wonderful, etc… have helped me… truly. I’m still terrified but this office I found has been emailing me back every few days, working with me…being super patient so I’m hopeful. I know I will be shaking and vomiting with fear a few days before!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
That's great, good for you making an appointment! I know it is very hard to psyche yourself up to do that. You are right, this is a step towards not having to worry about dental issues all the time, and the alternative is much worse! The office sounds like a good one so far. The anticipation of an appointment is hard to go through, but for me, and a lot of other people on here, it is actually worse than the appointments. For me, the appointments are almost a relief because of the end of the anticipation and getting it over with. It may be like that for you too. Good job again! And please keep us updated, if you would like to.
I agree, the appointment is the hardest part. just keep thinking how relieved you will be when you have a plan.
Hi there, I have a dental cleaning tomorrow but i'm trying not to let me anxiety get to me, i know it's hard not to be stressed but the best way is to find things that calm you-music, doing something fun the day before and just breathing exercises. I fear what they will find when i have Xrays the most but also the cleaning stuff in my mouth, but know it's for a short time so know i will be brave and get through it, i have before. Be Brave and tell yourself you can do this. I try to think of those who may not be brave and let their teeth get bad or can't afford it and be glad i have coverage so i can get the necessary done. You Got this, believe in yourself and know it's a short amt. of time.
i know this isn't my post but i posted yesterday. I made it through my appt. but do need to go back to get two older fillings redone-ugh, was hoping not to but better to catch them before they get bigger. Just need to stay positive and get brave- at least they are upper side teeth and not molars this time.