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Appointment tomorrow and scared of dying!!!



Junior member
Nov 16, 2010
Las Vegas
Im new here, so you can understand my relief when I have read so many other people having my same fears.

About ten years ago is when my fear started, I went to a horrible dentist that didn't believe me when I told him I was feeling pain, he ended up drilling into my bone. The next dentist I went to was nice and I had a root canal and crown put on, BUT, right after the injection, I got really sweaty, and felt sick, then I had heart palpatations, the dentist told me it was from my anxiety, but I think it's from the epinepherane that they put in with the numbing, is it possible to be numbed without the epi in it?

My teeth are so gross to me, I'm embarassed:redface: to smile, to talk even to laugh. I have broken and missing teeth, all in the back. In January, one of my nerves got exposed and I was in the worst pain ever, and my husband made me go to the dentist. I cried the entire time I was there. They made a "treatment plan" for me, and I had it in my mind that I was going to get my teeth fixed, but the pain went away and so did my commitment of getting my teeth fixed. Fast forward to last Thursday, I was eating and one of my front teeth broke. I put on a brave face and made an appointment to get it fixed and my appointment for tomorrow. The closer the appintment gets, the worst my anxiety gets, (I also have an anxitey disorder). I even had a dream the other night that I died while I was at the dentist, so now I'm all freaked out that I'm going die while I'm at the dentist. Any words of encourgement would be great, or if you now I can't die from going to the dentist, that would make me feel tons better too. Thanks for listening to my "whine".


Well-known member
Oct 16, 2010
Midwest USA
Take a DEEP breath, Melly. Then do it again.
If you've been reading posts here, you know that ALL of us have felt exactly like you do right now. The "night before" sucks. But the time will pass and, before you know it, you'll be back here telling everyone that you DID IT! The feeling of satisfaction will be greater than all of your current fears.
I can't predict how your appointment will go and what your course of treatment will be...but please talk to your dentist about some pre-appointment Rx for the future. Nitrous is also a lovely way to take the edge off, so ask for it. Novocain is my new best friend and it can be yours too. So once you get there tomorrow, let them know your anxieties and let them help you deal with them.
Dreams can be a phobic's worst enemy. I've had them all and they'll lessen as you go along. The risk of an infection (I've had many) would pose a much greater chance of harm, so going to the dentist is actually life-saving.
Tomorrow is my sixth trip to the dentist in six weeks. Yup, I go EVERY week right now and I am/was a hysterical phobic. I'll be there for approx. 5 hours. And I know it will be OK, and you will too.
Just keep breathing slowly (I know, easier said than done!), request the things that will help you and remember how many people here are cheering you on.
Best, best wishes from a "soulmate".