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Appointment tomorrow so scared!



Junior member
Aug 4, 2014
My first post, I found this group last week when I discovered an abscess near the roof of my mouth. I've never been in so much pain, and I've had 7 children! I have many issues. One molar down to the gum, 3-4 severe cavities, plaque build up now this stupid abscess. The other night when my husband told me I had to go, even if he had to take me kicking and screaming I had the worst panic attack ever. I want to get this done, I need to get this done. I don't even smile anymore! Like the previous posted said I'm afraid they are going to recommend dentures... I've been on a few medications that caused dry mouth, and I had such horrible morning sickness it has just ruined my teeth... I'm going to a sedation dentist and I'm worried it won't be enough. has anyone ever gone to one? What was it like? Appt is at 9 am I would appreciate any good thoughts :) thank you so much.
Hi and Welcome,
So sorry to hear you are in the middle of a dental nightmare...but you've come to the right place. Really. We all know the feeling of sheer panic and some of us have been taken kicking and screaming by well intentioned family, too! Sounds as though you are miserable and need help...and have shown tremendous courage by scheduling an appointment!!! Yay you!! In many ways, that is the hardest part. You should be proud you've taken the first step.

As for the sedation part, I've had oral sedation with pills and found that to be less effective each time I use it. It did work the first time...enough to get what I needed to get done. If I could take the gas it would be better combined with that..but I can't. Maybe you can try the oral sedation with gas. As for the IV sedation, been there too and yes, after the first dose the staff was looking at me waiting for something to happen and it didn't so they gave me another dose and that one worked. They have more control I think via IV so that may be the way to go depending on what you need to have done.

Good luck to you tomorrow. If you need some encouraging words, I found the ones from Martha55 to me on the Lions Tigers and Dentists thread to be particularly comforting to me before my recent appointments. All the people kind enough to post had wonderful, encouraging things to say. There are great people here. If you haven't read them take a minute to look them over. They might make you feel better too.
Wow thank you so much for your kind words! I was shocked to find a place like this even existed. I felt ashamed at the condition I let my mouth get into, and I'm so afraid of being judged when I sit down in that chair! Actually that is what has kept me from going, the sheer embarrassment and the crazy fear of them messing around in my mouth with spots that already hurt so bad.

Thank you for the information on the sedation... I'm not sure what will happen tomorrow, I've never had an abscess, I do the best I can with my teeth when they don't hurt. I will certainly let y'all know how it goes. I'm sure this is just the first appointment of many.

thank you thank you thank you!
Hope it went well today. Please let us know when & if you feel up to sharing. Be proud of yourself, the first appointment is a really hard thing to do .... and you did it!!!
I am so so so happy this incident forced me to return to the dentist! While it was not easy walking into the office, and I couldn't fill out the paperwork because my hands were shaking so bad, and I threw up before they took me back... Once I was back there they were so kind! I explained how ashamed I was, how embarrassed I was, and especially how absolutely terrified I was.

They let me sit in a chair first instead of the scary dental chair and we walked, this was about the time they gave me 4 heavy duty sleeping pills. I felt comfortable enough to move to the chair and they gave me blankets then put a swab in my mouth to deaden the sore area. They took x-rays, then started the nitrous and it was amazing! She also brought me headphones for my iPod. So I put on some Nora Jones and let the sedation take me away and by the time it was all said and done I had 3 cavities filled and two root canals!! I spent 5 hours in the chair and was never in pain, never scared, I was relaxed the entire time! I will be going back in a couple of weeks where they will put me completely under for a deep cleaning and some other scary procedures, but I have to say I'm not worried in the least... Thank you ALL!! I never would have had the courage to go in and do this without finding you guys and reading all the comforting stories! Find a sedation dentist and GO!! Much love you all!!!
5 Hours, wow, that is amazing with or without sedation, well done you - much respect:respect::respect:

It sounds like you are really going for it with your dental journey, I'm sure the end result will be worth it :welldone::cheers::claps:

Thanks for for sharing your experience with us all.