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Are new crowns better looking?



Dec 14, 2020
new york
I have crowns from the 1980s and 1990s that I've always hated. They're PFMs. It doesn't help that they're all different colors. I have always hated them.

Are crowns today really more natural-looking or is that just hype? thank you.
I have one that isn't that natural looking, just got it this spring, it has a different color and texture from my teeth. I had two telehealth dentist appointments over it, one told me it was average and I would need a prosthodontist to get a natural looking crown, the other told me it wasn't good and to complain to my dentist. My dentist agreed it was different color and offered me some fixes, which haven't worked so far. However, I don't know what an 80s or 90s crown would look like, so can't say if it is better or worse. I even went to a "custom shade" appointment at the place where the crown was made, and still didn't end up with the same color as my teeth.
I have 6 crowns that I've gotten over the past 2 years. Honestly, they all look really natural to me. Even the dentist and assistant will get mixed up and can't tell what a crown and what's real tooth sometimes. Not insecure about them at all.
@champ yes, todays crowns are much better looking then 40 years ago, specifically PFM.
i have two crowns i've had done in the last 8 years, they will never look exactly like real teeth and are very close to my real teeth colour but are as close as you can get, and i have the cheapest ones' as they were expensive enough, as i had to pay 100% for both- luckily not on front teeth so noone will ever know.