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are nuts acidic and not healthy for the enamel?



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Aug 29, 2019
I have seen some articles that nuts and nut butters have low ph. I searched the web but couldnt find nuts ph acidity. anybody knows what ph do nuts have? if so, source pls
thank you.
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Made me hungry now!
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There is an awful lot of nonsense and misinformation on the web regarding the so-called "alkaline diet", which is based on the misconception that different types of foods affect the pH balance of the body. Perhaps the articles you came across were in relation to this fad diet. The guy who invented it (Robert Young) has been convicted of practicing medicine without a license, numerous felony charges and theft.
Me too.. and I agree with Letsconnect about the Avatar Gordon.. very nice :)..
The avatar is a portrait of me done by my very talented daughter in law to commemorate my retirement. Thought you'd seen it Letsconnect? It's on the wall in my living room.
Yes, I'd seen it before, not as an avatar though! (don't think I noticed it in your living room - must have been too mesmerised by that bottle of Harris gin :drool:!)
I get it Gordon. My daughter is in art school do she has her style.
Yes, I'd seen it before, not as an avatar though! (don't think I noticed it in your living room - must have been too mesmerised by that bottle of Harris gin :drool:!)

Too bad you were driving, Janice would have appreciated the help in emptying it!
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Made me hungry now!

that is a very good link. I am very interested in coconut oil's ph, as it is not listed in that link. anybody knows? source?

cause i read some articles that some coconut oils might have a ph of 3-4, which is very hard to believe...
You can't really measure pH of coconut oil as it's not water soluble.
Since you can't measure the pH then I'd take any sites telling you what it is as being very suspect :)

I have to say, using google to look a bit further into coconut oil gave me some very strange ideas of where some people were thinking of putting coconut oil, let's just say about as far from your mouth as possible!!! Thank goodness I'm not at work :thumbsup:
As a chemistry major in the past Gordon is right. By definition pH is of aquatic solutions so there is NO value for oils. There is so much complete garbage and fantasy that people dream of with no basis in science. This is a crime because sometimes there are things that come up without an instant understanding which get neglected because of the volume of garbage that is generated. Example is someone who is just sensitive to gluten but not sensitive to traditional testing for celiac.