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Are these foods acidic or bad for teeth?



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It seems ridiculous but I have read that these foods are acidic:

Peanut butter
Wheat Germ.

I have porridge for breakfast everyday.
It's not that important, as long as you don't snack much between meals, your body can cope.
thanks Gordon. I'm still curious on a few things. What's your view on sugary cereals?

Is it bad to combine sugar and acid together? Say, eating sugary cereals and adding blueberries?

I doubt you will know the answer to this bext question. Are blueberries acidic or alkaline? Are they bad for teeth? It is impossible to tell from checking google where some say they are acidic and some say alkaline.

thanks and sorry for sounding like a stuck record about dental diet.
Like Gordon said, its not a big deal as long as you eat during mealtimes and don't snack a lot in between. You could have mountain dew with every meal (I wouldn't recommend it) but as long as you have it with a meal, gulp it down, and don't sip constantly, you'll be fine. As for the cereal, just brush your teeth afterwards.
What about the content of sugar in cereal though? Does it matter how much sugar is in the cereal?

Does combining sugar and acid form a lethal combination for teeth?

Does anyone know if blueberries are a sweet or acidic fruit?

Another thing. Is it really true that teeth need to bite on harder food in a regular diet to keep them healthy?

Is it good to bite on things like raw carrots that are really difficult to break down?
It really doesn't matter. It's not what you eat but the frequency.

I see a lot of people who don't eat at all. They are fed via a peg in their stomach. Their teeth are fine. Hopefully that answers your second question.
thanks. Finally, Is it bad to bite on hard foods, like raw carrots and nuts, that are really difficult to break down? Can this wear down enamel?
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Over the course of a lifetime maybe.