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Are these gums red? -With Image



Dec 6, 2009
I was using corsodyl but then my dentist changed this to Gengigel

Are these gums red ? Is corsodyl the better option? Think dentist was concerned about staining.

Is this periodontal disease?

Been there, gone through scale and polish a few times. Used corsodyl for a week, then started on Gengigel twice a day for the past two weeks. The tops still look a little red, but not as bad as they were. I can now brush and floss with waterpik without blood most of the time. I have noticed blood on one or two occasions but only when flossing with the waterpik. Which I have only just started using.

I am concerned the gengigel is not working though as the picture still shows some sign of red, mainly around the area where my teeth meet the gums. However they have somewhat started to turn a better shade of pink elsewhere, just this one spot that looks redder than the other areas.

Was just looking for what a expert thought. I have reverted to brushing tops (2mins) and bottoms (2 mins) on electric toothbrush morning and evening after breakfast and dinner and manual brushing at work after lunch to try to get them better but seem to be going nowhere with this Gengigel and it's rather expensive stuff when I go through a bottle a week. Should I continue using this or not? Would something else be better?
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I have gum disease and as part of my daily regime I use a water irrigation tool to help clean out my gums. I use a Waterpik with the regular pik and the pik pocket pik to clean out my gums (I have tooth pockets ranging from 1 mm to 7 mm). I start with that (I usually put hydrogen peroxide - to whiten teeth and kill bacteria, a gum mouth wash for gum disease, and an anti-biofilm mouth wash for my teeth in with warm water), then use traditional floss to get everything else out (sometimes I dip the floss in the anti-biofilm mouth wash to get it in my gums), followed by traditional brushing, and I then rinse my mouth out with a mouth wash that has fluoride, xyitol, and lemon peel oil.

But I have to do this because I had bleeding gums, big teeth pockets, loose gums, tartar build up, etc. Not just because I had red gums.

Talk to your dentist about what your daily regime should look like - I'm assuming your dentist wants you to do more than just brush and use a mouth wash. Talk about how you should be flossing and how to floss (water irrigation or traditional flossing or both), what foods to avoid in your diet, etc.

As for the mouth washes, I don't use any prescription ones, just ones that are geared towards my symptoms and come highly recommend.

Btw- in case you're wondering what mouth washes I use: Biotene Oral Rinse, Therabreath Icy Mint Oral Rinse, and Therabreath Peridotherapy Oral Rinse.