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Argh... crown pain...



Junior member
Jun 6, 2007
Hi there...

Unfortunately I posted about a month ago about having very bad constant pain with my temporary crowns which was resolved only with ibuprofen... I ended up finally having the real crowns put on. This is both of my very back "twelve-year" molars on the bottom... they came in without enamel on them so were always soft and rottenish... I've had temporary-type "caps" on before when I was younger, twice, both very painful...

The appointments (seperate appts for either side) were dreadful, for some reason they can't freeze me properly... my whole face and mouth and everything is frozen but I can still feel the pain! I spend the whole appointment sobbing even though I was on nitrous and had tons of injections. To make it worse I've discovered that I gag for some reason if my whole mouth is frozen and I actually vomited during one appointment... and during the other one was very close to it.

Anyhow... now that I have the permanent gold crowns, one side seems to have improved, but the other side is still killing me... it's the exact same pain... it seemed to get better for two days or so following the appointment but now it's back with a vengeance... again I'm taking ibuprofen every four hours and applying a hot compress...

I don't have an appointment for four more days... agh! What could be causing this? Is there any way this could be solved without having a root canal since a) I'm absolutely terrified of them, especially since they can't freeze me well and I now know I gag when I am totally numbed up, and b) they just put these new crowns on!

I'm just so frustrated with having to take so many painkillers and not being able to sleep from the pain anymore... help... :(


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Sorry, I have no idea what could be causing the pain. Best thing is to get back to your dentist asap.