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Ask for a new hygienist before or during



Junior member
Jun 27, 2023
Hi! I have always struggled with consistency around brushing and flossing. My dentist has been so kind and with pregnancy, developing celiac disease and two small babies my daily brushing hasn’t been the best. I get my cleanings every 6 months. The last cleaning I felt like the hygienist was very rough and I have never been in so much pain in my life. Usually I feel some pain but I was just laying there with tears streaming down my face as she was going on about gum disease giving a curt lecture on needing to floss. Other Assistants and staff were popping in and asking about who to help next or trays etc. I know as humans we all have off days and maybe it was a stressful day and she wasn’t as gentle as she could have been.

I asked her if the dentist would be in to check for any cavities (I usually have one or two) and she said not unless she saw a concerning spot. However when I was home looking at my teeth I noticed a literal cavitie/indent in between my teeth and feel like she was being so rough maybe the blood and being distracted made her over look it.

I realized my next appointment in a few days I’m booked with her as my cleaning person. Should I call and ask for someone else. Should I give her another chance and ask her to be gentle? Then in she is still being rough ask to stop? I’m just conflict avoidant and don’t want to seem dramatic. I just don’t want a repeat. Thank you in advance!!
Should I call and ask for someone else. Should I give her another chance and ask her to be gentle? Then in she is still being rough ask to stop?

Tough one...
1) Is there a different hygienist? You may not have a choice or need to change practice.
2) You shouldn't need to ask her to be gentle, that's her job.
3) Absolutely you should. I'd probably want to speak with the practice manager or the dentist after that though...

That trip surely sounds a little treacherous. sounds really rough and painful.. as a patient, I 100% would ask for someone else , just would not go through that again, because we shouldn't have to go through pain, there are so many ways they can make it so you don't have to. especially the lectures too.. that is a turnoff. I would would definately ask for someone else, and mention you have a little dental anxiety and need someone extra gentle and patient. if they mention anything.. you could say something like , it was just too painful last time , maybe it was an off day but you really want to try someone different . I"m so sorry you went through that.

I 100% agree with Gordon said on all points! , you shouldn't have to ask her to be gentle that is her job. and about talking to the manager /dentist. if they give you any issues with switching. Usually they are fine with this if there are other options. :grouphug: